Hex Enduction Hour

The Fall's 1982 release Hex Enduction Hour is a cult classic that is among the most highly regarded of the bands near 30 releases. This release sported the double drummer lineup of The Fall, with Paul Hanley and Karl Burns supplying an almost industrial edged rythmic foundation to the groups sound.

Hex Enduction Hour is historically noted for its notorious opening track, The Classical, whose introduction sports the lyric "Where are the obligitory niggers/take that fuckface!", which cost the band a recording contract with Motown records. The record proceeds to assail just about everyone and everything in the world, notably rock critics in the track Hip Priest ("He is not appreciated/People only need me when they're down and gone to seed")

Hex displays a wide range of moods and sounds and makes for an interesting listen. While not as easily accessible as other Fall records like Middle Class Revolt it nonetheless makes a good introduction to Mark E. Smith and The Fall

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