(Myth units)

"For great justice!!!"

- Heron Guard battlecry
from Myth III: The Wolf Age

The Heron Guard is an ancient order of warriors in the Myth world, serving the empire of Cath Bruig. They're the elite forces and the special guard of the Emperor himself. They practice philosophical thinking that emphasise good things: Loyalty and respect to the Emperor, honor, duty, and all other good qualities. (And also skills to kill a lot of bad and naughty creatures.) Their appearance resembles the samurai much, with similar armor and two katana-like swords.

They have magical skills, too: Most of the Heron Guard know many healing spells and carry mandrake root with them - a handful of Herons among your ranks makes battles a lot easier when the people around them are not instantly dying. Older Herons learn the secrets of stopping the aging; this, combined to the fact that usually no more than five or six new members - the most tough-willed and strongest ones from competitions - join the order every year, makes them somewhat vulnerable in times of great crisis.

After the fall of the Empire, the few surviving Heron Guards became Journeymen and later revived the Heron Guards.

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