Lemon, Love Seed, Orange, Sunflower, Sweetpea, Tonka bean, and Vanilla.

Magickal suggestions for friendship:

To increase or open a friendship already in existence, simply give the person a sunflower, give the person a gift that is lemon-scented, or share vanilla ice cream! The simple sharing and giving is more of the magick than the herb's vibrations, but you can never go wrong with this.


To attract friends, wear sunflower-shaped jewelry if it is appropriate. Before going to work or school, squeeze lemon into a glass of water and drink it, envisioning light filling you up from the inside and shining out your eyes onto your face. You should suddenly feel more interesting, more alive. When you go to a populated place where you wish to be noticed or picked as a friend, try to look around with the lemon light coming out of your eyes, connecting with people with a smile. Notice other people, also, and try to be perceptive about it; are they wearing jewelry or clothes that show you have a similar interest? Are the people in your other classes or do you know them from someplace else around town? Don't be afraid to instigate a conversation with them, and please don't use something silly like "do you know the time?" because you'll be left without anything to say after that; honesty is best.


To regain a lost friend who for whatever reason is now ignoring you, try this. Take something that belongs to the person or a piece of paper they have signed, or if you absolutely have no choice, write their name or use their photograph. Get an orange and peel it; let the orange peels fall on the person's token, into a bowl or onto a table. Eat half of the orange and think about the good times you have had together, and the reasons you wish the good times would continue. Now set the other half of the orange aside. Using an orange or yellow candle, rub with lemon or vanilla oil and envision that person calling you, or writing you a letter, or contacting you, or receiving your calls, letters, or contacts with happiness. Light the candle. Now reach into the bowl and unearth your friend's token, and blur your eyes so that you can see the flame of the candle and the friend's token blending into one another. Close your eyes and envision the friend continuing your relationship, if necessary putting aside something that went wrong between you two (or think of a way you can make it up to them if it was your fault somehow). Now open and unblur your eyes, and eat the other half of the orange in a celebration of it already being on its way to working. Caution: If this friend is ignoring you for a good reason or because he/she has a new significant other, be sure not to destroy their happiness! It is tempting to blame a new boyfriend/girlfriend for the friend's lack of time with you, but this is no reason to try to break up their relationship. Be careful.

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