Henry Petrosky is a civil engineering professor at Duke University. He is a well known author who has written many books about engineering design. His books are often required reading for undergraduate engineers, especially freshmen.

According to Amazon.com, here is a list of books that he wrote, sorted by publication date:


  1. Book On the Book Shelf
  2. Beyond Engineering: Essays and Other Attempts to Figure Without Equations
  3. To Engineer Is Human: The Role of Failure in Successful Design, April 1992
  4. The Pencil: A History of Design and Circumstance, December 1992
  5. The Evolution of Useful Things, February 1994
  6. Design Paradigms : Case Histories of Error and Judgment in Engineering, September 1994
  7. Engineers of Dreams: Great Bridge Builders and the Spanning of America, November 1996
  8. Remaking the World: Adventures in Engineering, January 1999
  9. Invention by Design: How Engines Get from Thought to Thing, January 2001
  10. Not yet published

  11. Paperboy: Delivering the Press in the Fifties, April 2003
  12. Nothing's Perfect: The Nature of Design, September 2003

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