A Swedish drinking song. According to SharQ, it's pretty much random nonsense in Swedish. One thing I do know about this song is that it's fun to sing with drunken Swedes after a few rounds of snaps, vodka, beer etc (usually a combination of all of the above).

Helan går

Helan går,
sjung hopp fallerallanlallanlej.
Helan går,
sjung hopp fallerallanlej.
Och den som inte helan tar,
den inte heller halvan får.
Helan går!
Sjung hopp fallerallanlej!

Helan går (translated by SharQ)

The Whole goes
sing hopp falleranlallanlej
the whole goes
sing falleranlallanlej,
the ones who don't take the whole,
won't get the half,
the whole goes!
sing sing hopp falleranlallanlej

/me laughs to myself. Those crazy Swedes.

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