A fundamentalist campaign promoted by Swedish hard rock band Gehennah and record label Primitive Art. Its goal is to prevent the spreading of disco music, acoustic guitars, haircuts, keyboards and other endemic plagues prevalent in today's scene. Funny stuff that will bring tears to the eye of those missing the golden years of metal.

The campaign's ten commandments:

  1. Thou shalt not have any other music than metal
  2. Thou shalt drink...a fuckin' lot!
  3. Thou shalt honor thy favourite bands
  4. Thou shalt stand up for thy metal brothers
  5. Thou shalt be rude to non metal people
  6. Thou shalt not practise sports
  7. Thou shalt not wear trendy clothes
  8. Thou shalt not follow trends
  9. Thou shalt never cut your hair!!!!!
  10. Thou shalt not bring disgrace over yourself and your metal brothers by breaking any of these commandments

The campaign is funded through merchandising. T-shirts are available and a cult series of 7" EPs has been released. These compilation EPs include songs by retro-metal bands from around the world, bringing back the sloppy riffs and broken English lyrics from yesteryear. The series comprise:

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