The Masters of Untightness.

Swedish band playing lo-fi hard rock/metal in the vein of Venom and Motorhead, not to be confused with Norwegian Black/Death metallers Gehenna. Their songs are simple and catchy, yet unpolished and frequently outrageous. What sets this band apart is their unique sense of humor. Their militant metalhead attitude is taken to such an extreme that I can't decide if they are an affectionate tribute to the classic bands of the 80s or an outright parody of them. Anyhow, their image and lyrics are hilarious and the band is very charismatic despite (or because) its silliness.

The band was formed in the early 90's by:


  • Hardrocker - 1995
    1. Hardrocker
    2. Skeletons in Leather
    3. Say Hello To Mr Fist
    4. Brilliant Loud Overlords Of Destruction
    5. Winter Of War
    6. Beerzerk
    7. I Am The Wolf
    8. Blood Metal
    9. Crucifucked
    10. Bombraid Over Paradise
    11. The House
    12. Gehennah
    13. Piss Off, I'm Drinking!
    14. Psycho Slut
  • King of the Sidewalk - 1996
    1. Rock'n'roll Patrol
    2. Hellstorm
    3. Bitch With A Bulletbelt
    4. King Of The Sidewalk
    5. (You're the) Devil In Disguise
    6. Discodeath (vinyl bonustrack)
    7. Bang Your Heads For Satan
    8. Chickenrace
    9. Tough Guys Don't Look Good
    10. Saturdaynight Blasphemer
    11. Bulldozer
    12. Demolition Team
  • Decibel Rebel - 1998
    1. Beat That Poser Down
    2. Six-pack Queen
    3. Hangover
    4. Decibel Rebel
    5. Hellhole Bar
    6. Get Out of My Way
    7. Under the Table Again
    8. Street metal Gangfighters
    9. Rocking Through the Kill
    10. 666, Drunks & Rock `n´ Roll
    11. I Fucked Your Mom
    12. We Love Alcohol

They have appeared in many compilations, most notably in the Headbangers Against Disco campaign series of 7" EPs.

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