Hayte was the first ghola of Duncan Idaho in the Dune science-fiction series by Frank Herbert. First appearing in book II, 'Dune Messiah', he was created by the Tleilaxu as a surprise gift for Muad'dib. He differed from the original Idaho in a number of significant ways. This incarnation of Idaho had recieved mentat training, and was also given two Tleilaxu Eyes, shining metal globes, which, among other things apparently stopped the user from crying.

Hayte also had a hidden compulsion to kill Paul Atredies. His resistance of this unlocked the memories of his original lifetime, making him the first ghola to reclaim his memories (as shown by the reaction of the dwarf who accompanied him). This incarnation of Idaho was romantically involved with Alia, Paul Atredies' sister, and met his end by insulting a fremen, namely Stilgar, using all of the three deadly insults.

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