Haujobb is a band formed in Germany 1993 by Dejan Samardzic, Daniel Meier and B. Junemann that plays some sort of EBM/industrial music.

Their first release, "Drift Wheeler" (1993) was on cassette only but the trio signed to Off beat records who released their first real album "Homes and Gardens".

In 1995 B. Junemann departed and the band went on as a duo.

Haujobbs releases:

  • Ninetynine (1999)
  • Ninetynine Remixes (1999)
  • Matrix (1997)
  • From homes to planets (1997)
  • Electronic live performance (1997)
  • Cleaned Visions (1996)
  • Solutions For A Small Planet (1996)
  • Remix wars strike (with :wumpscut:)(1996)
  • Frames(1996)
  • Freeze Frame Reality (1995)
  • Eye over you (1994)
  • Homes and Gardens (1994)

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