Every year, sometime in the summer months, the city of York, Pennsylvania grinds to a halt as Hot Rodders parade through the town and gather at the York Fairgrounds.

This is a big event for the city, since thousands of people driving old or high-preformance cars have to eat, sleep, and piss somewhere, right? So for the week that hot rodders congregate, prices on everything from gas to Tums go up, and Joe NotGivesadamn gets screwed. I hate the hot-rods.

Evidently, not everyone in York hates them. The last day of the jamboree, the hotrodders drive throughout the city peeling out, revving engines, and being generally annoying. But the people that like hot rods eat this stuff up. (try to) Drive down Route 30 when the hot rods are parading, hundreds of people bring lawn chairs and watch as cars go buy. I can't understand the draw to this event. If you spend even ten minutes in the city of York in Hot Rod Week, you'll see at least a dozen hot rods parked in parking lots. That's something I'll never understand.

If you ride a Harley Davidson Motorcycle chances are you've been in York. Maybe you've been there. Well, for those of you who don't know, Harley's Final Assembly Plant is in York. This is also the site of a similar jamboree every year, and consequently, the same thing happens. Prices go up, spending goes up, noise goes up, signs go up (Holiday Inn/McDonalds/Giant et. al. welcomes Harley Davidon riders!), and my blood pressure goes up. I just don't get the draw to shiny cars and bikes.

Ever been to York? Live in York? What do you think of this phenomenon?

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