York Pennsylvania is a large town (small city?) that lies on the intersection between Interstate 83 and US route 30. It has a population of 400,000 (as of last census), and several extremely small suburbs. York is a hotbed for industry, and contains manufacturing plants for such companies as Caterpillar and Harley Davidson. There isn't much to York nowadays because of a huge problem with industries going under and causing urban decay, but it does have several colleges in the area, such as York College and Penn State York.

Historically York has one major claim to fame. In the nineteen sixties there was a gigantic race riot that resulted in several deaths and tremendous property damage. This seems like a minor issue compared to other riots of the period, but in an ironic twist the people elected Charlie Robertson mayor. Robertson is currently (8/30/2002) standing trial for the murder of Lilly Belle Allen, who was a victim of the riots.
****NOTE: Robertson has NOT BEEN CONVICTED of this crime.***

York has several other claims to fame, some more dubious than others:

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