what's distance from it?
  where does twisted steel
  enter scene,
  like a cheap city fence
  to slice up
  desperate fingers
  livers and kidneys
  what have you

  from those running
  too fast
  too urgently
  to realize,
"all I need
  to do
  to escape
  is to try going over?
  instead of running ferociously in a single direction?"

I've never met anyone  
who could suffer in silence as well as you. 
but that's like compilmenting  
someone who can drive a car  
fast, aggressively, very  
safely, efficiently, and well. 
so if that's your strength  
then what's your weakness? 
what can improve, or at least be  
mitigated down to irrelevance? 
probably learning to ask for help, right? 
you have to practice  
to get better
at that one too. 
your mind has to whisper, "over. 
trust me."

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