German resistance fighter in WW II who led a resistance group at München University, together with his sister Sophie. The group was called ‘Die weiße Rose’, from the emblem printed on the pamphlets. Mental leader of the group was a paralysed professor of philosophy and psychology, Kurt Huber. By spreading pamphlets ‘Die weiße Rose’ tried to convince co-students that National Socialism was pernicious and would lead to the fall of Germany.

In February 1943, not long after the German defeat at Stalingrad, a large collection of pamphlets was widely, and quite publicly spread. Hans and Sophie Scholl, Kurt Huber and a few others were arrested. April 18th the leaders of ‘Die weiße Rose’ were sentenced to death for high treason: the execution took place on April 22nd. The pamphlet that was the immediate cause of their arrest found its way to Britain, was republished by the RAF, and thrown out over entire Germany.

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