Who was Sophie Scholl?

She was a german student who possessed bravery that few people have. She rather gave up her live than to live and remain silent when she saw which awful things were going on during Hitler's reign over Germany.

Sophie Scholl was born 1921 in Forchtenberg/Kocher as a daughter of the liberal mayor Robert Scholl and his wife Magdalene.
Like her older brother Hans Scholl she at first believed in the "community ideal" publicised by the national socialists and joined the "federation of German girls" (BDM) during high school.
Since the beginning of 1940, Sophie Scholl worked as a kindergarten worker.
During work and war assistance service she soon began to realize what kind of horror the nazi-regime truly was.
In 1942, she began to study biology and philosophy at the Munich university where she came into contact with the student resistance group "Die weiße Rose".
Sophie Scholl was involved in the production of an anti-nazi pamphlet for the first time in 1943, which brought her to the attention of the secret police, the gestapo.
While distributing pamphlets at the university Sophie and Hans Scholl were caught by a janitor, who saw them throw flyers from a balcony. In less than a week, Hans and Sophie were tried, convicted, and sent to the guillotine.

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