A small city (about 2 sq. miles) nestled inside of Detroit. Hamtramck has a large Polish population, as well as people of many other enthnicities including Ukrainian, Bosnian, Bangladeshi, African American, and others.

Hamtramck is known for its annual Paczki (pronounced Poonch-key) day celebration, its bars, its lively political scene, and for being the setting for the movie, Polish Wedding. Hamtramck also has a statue of Pope John Paul II standing on a diving platform (or at least that's how it looks).

The city was named for a French Revolutionary War hero, Colonel Jean Francois Hamtramck.

Another fact about Hamtramck, MI is that they have the most bars per square mile in the world. There is a Mobile Gas Station right off of I-75 at the corner of Caniff and Holbrook. The owner of it is very accomodating to the coffee culture of that area. His motto is, "Fresh coffee, all the time!" About a mile away on Jos Compau is a 24 hour restaurant called "The Clock." They have great fried mushrooms. I had a friend who worked there for awhile, who made the special sauce. He really loved his job.

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