Grosse Pointe, is amongst other things, an affluent suburb just to the east of Detroit. It is also the setting of Grosse Pointe Blank, starring the most excellent John Cusack and Minnie Driver. Contrary to some beliefs, external shots for that movie were filmed here. It is also the home of Anita Baker

An upper class suburb that is commonly called by kids that live there "the drug capital of michigan". It is both the city I love and the city I live in. It has, arguably, the best public school district in all of michigan.

Amusing Grosse Pointe Anecdote:

So i had to write a paper on the writings of Frederick Douglass for my english class. The first place i go, obviously, is to the library in Grosse Pointe to look for some of his essays, which are contained in "Great African American Literature of the 19th Century". Upon asking for this text, the librarian informs me that "anything published in the 19th century would either call black people niggers, negros, or coloreds." and that i "must be mistaken" as to the title of the book. I then inform her that "if the book were published in the 19th century, why would it say 'of the 19th century' in the title?"

The Moral:
In Grosse Pointe, even the librarians are bitches.

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