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Hampshire House is the space provided by Smith College to be used by off-campus students when they come to campus. The house attempts to provide off-campus students with some of the same features of a Smith residential house.Hampshire House serves those students who commute long distances, women living locally with their families, and transfer students who live off-campus and are looking for ways to connect into Smith life. Hampshire House provides these students with a place to go between classes, study, meet fellow commuting students, store supplies, prepare meals, take a nap, shower, or relax.

As with any house it takes the people in it to define and make it a home away from home. Individual use of the facility varies depending upon the student. Some students use the house daily. Other students stop by depending on when their busy schedules allow them. Because of the variety of schedules, house meetings are usually held in the lunch hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

To have a key to Hampshire House, a member must have paid her dues and have committed herself to being an active part of the Hampshire House community. All members of the house are expected to attend house meetings. Members of the house are responsible for knowing the content of all announcements and for abiding by all decisions made at house meetings. Members are required to participate in fund-raising activities, and to contributing to the success of the house.

Hampshire House is located within easy walking distance of Inconvenience, The Grecourt Bookstore, the Post Office and Mendenhall.

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