Scruffy but homely area of West London, in the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Famous for music venues - Hammersmith Odeon and Hammersmith Palais are the big ones, plenty of small ones too - and music celebs, as both EMI and Polygram have their offices in the area. The rock band Motorhead named an album after it - No Sleep Till Hammersmith. The Riverside film studios also have a high celeb count.
For you Yanks, Hammersmith is the bit you drive through on the way into London from the airport with the huge building shaped like a ship - the Seagram building. There are some nice-looking Richard Rogers flats along King Henry's Reach and also Ruth Rogers, his wife's, famous River Cafe, selling gourmet veggie food. Nice walks down by the Thames on a summer's evening, past Hammersmith Bridge, which IRA people keep trying to blow up. Bloody awful traffic.

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