"Hairy Ball" is a serious theorem in mathematics...
But also... :-)

 u*    Hairy Ball getting drunk in a pub.

 ~*~   Hairy Ball has a hangover.

 *?    Hairy Ball doesn't understand.

 \*)   Hairy Ball, Warrior Princess.

 *=   Hairy Ball watches AD's grandmum with binoculars.

 *-'  Hairy Ball hitchhikes (or flips the bird).

 *o   Hairy Ball playing some kind of sport.

 -*/*/*/*/*/*/*/-  Hairy Ball Can-Can line.

 *O    Hairy Ball running away from large boulder.

 ^*^   Hairy Ball as vampire bat.

 ***   Menage-a-Hairy Ball.

 *--   Hairy ball on a leash.

 *b~~~~   Hairy Ball shooting silly string.

 O*O    Hairy ball cycling.

 ^^^^^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^     Hairy Ball Swimming.

  . .
    .             Hairy Ball can't swim.

       \      Hairy Ball going downhill fast.

                          |     Hairy Ball Bungee Jumping.


                          |     Hairy Ball wishing he hadn't
                          |     tried Bungee Jumping.

 *-   Hairy ball smokes a joint.

 *¬   Hairy ball can't get the hang of pipe-smoking.

 *=  Hairy ball stands on ladder to get a better look at AD's grandmum.

 [][]   []]                             _*
 **********     |* |* |*                |

 Hairy ball governor, protestors and riot police.

   ***    Hairy ball motorbike display team.

 ¿*   Upside-down hairy ball.

 ¿*?  Spanish hairy ball doesn't understand.

 ?*¿  Upside-down Spanish hairy ball

 ¤    Hairy ball in moulting season.

 o    Hairy ball after a particularly rough moulting season.

 *-"sha, right."   Hairy Ball as Valley Girl.

 _*_   Hairy Ball is going snowboarding.

 *!!   Hairy Ball after 18th cup of coffee.

 |*@   Hairy Ball stuck between a rock and a hard place.

 *©    Hairy Ball is not for public reproduction without the explicit
written permission of the authors.

 *&   Hairy Ball eats a pretzel.

 ^*^  Hairy Ball angel.

 >*<  Hairy Ball with big ears.

   /  °
  /__°_  "Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Hairy Ball"

 **   Hairy Ball sex.

 *    Hairy Ball masturbation.

 %*   Hairy Ball making sure his older kid doesn't make the smaller
one fly off the see-saw.

 IC  /               __
    /             __/  \        Hairy Ball is
   /             /      \         "King of the World".

 *P    hairyball dates Pamela Anderson

 *<    hairyball goes to karaoke

 *>    hairyball meets Divine Brown

 *8    hairyball dates Roseanne

 *L    hairyball dates Kate Moss

 *?    hairyball eats some pie

 **    hairyball meets Hitchcock

 **    hairyball goes fishing

 *Ó   hairyball meets Charlie Brown

 **   hairyball meets Woody Allen

 *D    Hairy Ball about to devour a twinkie.

 ?*    Area underneath Hairy Ball.

 Q*    Hairy Ball hanging out by the keg.

 <*>    Hairy Ball Madonna

 £*$   Hairy Ball, whiz of the international currency market.

 *¼    Hairy Ball eats more pie.

 .?½*  Hairy Ball joins a fraternity.

 ~~ * ~~  French Hairy Ball

 *\\       Hairy Ball goes skiing

 !*!       Hairy ball sleeps on his 4 poster bed

 +         Hairy ball after his industrial accident

 *------   Hairy ball contemplates the long road ahead
 *         Saint Hairy Ball

 *     Hairy Ball sitting in a cramped room, surrounded by the smell
of decay from the trash can and the heat of midsummer, staring blindly
into the next millennium. It occours to Hairy Ball that with every
passing second his life is getting shorter, that there is nothing he
can do to stop it, that every thought in his head, every emotion that
courses through his mind, brings him but one step closer to oblivion.
He believes that such an inevitable destruction would not bother him so
if he only had some accomplishment to which he could cling to, some
point in his life where he surpassed both his past self and the limits
to which Hairy Balls were previously confined. But looking over his
past and peering into his future, Hairy Ball sees nothing but
selfishness, failure, and himself hiding from reality.

 u*    Hairy Ball forgets existential crises for the time being
 and gets drunk in a pub.

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