The feeling of trepidation and tension that washes over you as you sit in a hairdressers' chair, having explained exactly what you want them to do to your hair, and waiting to see how their interpretation of your words, will effect what your head looks like.

It is a feeling which mounts, as they begin to create a style of their own choosing, paying no mind to the precise instructions you have given, and to which they appeared to nod their head in recognition and agreement.

The feeling reaches a crescendo as you realise that, just like all the other times, you are entirely at the mercy of the hairdresser and they will, and always would have, cut your tresses the way they wanted to do regardless of your preference and specifications.

Any attempt to steer the nature of the cut or style, by you the customer, and person whose head it is, is totally wasted - you can but cross your fingers and hope their sense of style is identical to your own, as this is your only hope for preventing a similar experience next month.

It is a malaise which is most often experienced by women, natch.

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