The League, founded by the elusive father of Jerry Cornelius and his siblings Frank and Catherine speeds through the timestreams of Michael Moorcock's Multiverse, maintaining the Cosmic Balance as best they can.

They are adept soldiers and diplomats, but their scholarship and technical ability sometimes suffers, owing to the wildly different realities the find themselves inhabiting. Amnesia, either selective or total is commonplace among them.

Dramatis Personae
Mrs. Una Persson: Enigmatic, beautiful, and totally in control of any given situation. Just like Emma Peel, but better. At everything.

Captain Oswald Bastable
Major Nye
Shaky Mo Collier
Mishop Beesley & his daughter Mitzi
Professor Hira
Count Ulrich von Bek
Mr. Jagger, aka Lord Jagged, from the End Of Time

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