Imagine a standard rock n roll bass and drums combination accompanying a sultry female vocal a la Siouxsie and the Banshees. Very goth and industrial influenced with a thick sense of timeless orchestral strings thrown in. I bought their "Indelicate" album and enjoy it a lot. Refreshing and different. With a violin and viola under the beck and call of talented and confident hands, you've got yourselves a modern gothic journey unlike anything in this or any century. From classical to punk, Gropius is a culmination of humanity's choral voice.

Reportedly, the band named themselves after Walter Gropius in tribute to how he and others of his time equated the structure of physical building with that of music, and vice versa. Only the most serious of true goths who see the movement as more than just a fashion statement would understand the importance of such a commonology, which indicates to me that these boys and girls are in fact the real thing. ...or maybe they just liked the name?

There's more about them at or

Update 02.07.03: This band has since disbanded. =(

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