Gregg Murray is a wildlife and scratch board artist who, while growing up in the midwestern United States, spent a lot of time outdoors. He has been working with scratch board for over thirty years and is very talented and successful at his craft.

Gregg now resides in the beautiful, nature-rich state of Wyoming. Gregg received his Associate of Arts degree from Illinois Valley Community College and is a member of the Society of Animal Artists and the American Society of Artists. He has earned many awards in his art career including a 1997 Best In Show for his scratch art from the National Wildlife Art Show. He was also commissioned, in 1991, by Sea World in Orlando to create two dimensional art for a manatee exhibit.

Here is what Gregg himself has to say about his passion for creating nature art and his use of the scratch medium:

"Life itself, as I see it, is a wonderful challenge. I'm challenged by the the essence and beauty of the natural world, and within that realm, I see a place for me to express myself through yet another challenge...rendering my interpretation of it all through the scratchboard medium. It's within this 'niche' that I feel most at peace. I want my art work to stand for something. It's my way of paying back nature for the inspiration and joy it's given to me."

To learn more about him or view some of his marvelous work, visit

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