Greenwood Village Colorado is a suburban town not to be confused in any way with Greenwich Village. Located just south of Denver this community is best known by motorists for it propensity to fund its police through the issuance of speeding and other traffic summons.

It also has become rather infamous for its attempts to 'cherry pick' commercial districts with little residential housing so as to have a large tax base without large numbers of citizens. In response to this the City of Centennial was formed in AD 2000 after a two year court battle. This prevents further expansion of Greenwood Village. Quite ironic that the city itself once had a similar fight with Denver trying to engulf it in the 1970's.

The fight was over the Denver Tech Center, formed near Greenwood Village in 1968. Denver annexed the northern end of the tech center and was on track to annex the rest when an amendment to the state constitution put an end to its ability to annex land easily in 1974. A village representative, Freda Poundstone, championed it.

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