COMPUTERS. Storage. Also known as Great Crashes, Great Wipes, Great Hard Drive Crashes, basically a Very Bad Thing.

This is what happens when your hard drive crashes. However, instead of causing you a few weeks, nay months, nay years of inconvenience, this one fundamentally shuffles the components of your universe, in a bad way. This is more momentous than had if you might have had something incredibly important on it, like your finished thesis or annual report or somesuch, without backing up. This thing destroys lives and eats planets, and that's just for breakfast. These things are such, that for victims they become life turning points, in much the same way those fucking mormons claim they have "see the light". Unlike mormons, this is authentic.

Usually the short term results, if not immediate death from shock or grief, are the onset of a mid-life crises, depression, and mental, physical and hygenic deterioration. Fortuantely the long term results are positive, if the subject survives. (You can consider it a weeding process, a cyberpunk version of Darwinism, if you will.) Survivors emerge as more sage like, wiser, more learned, at peace with themselves. As if they have mastered Zen.

It also teaches lazy bums to backup.

It is rare to experience a second in a lifetime, so great are they in magnitude. Rarer still to survive it.

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