Originally designated as Lehman Caves National Monument in 1922, this park in eastern Nevada was expanded to form the Great Basin National Park in 1986. The centerpiece of the park is Mt. Wheeler, Nevada's second highest peak (13,063 feet), and home to the limestone caves of the original monument, a grove of bristlecone pine trees containing trees that have been alive for thousands of years, and the southernmost glacier in North America. The oldest known living tree on Earth was a bristlecone pine tree on Mt. Wheeler nicknamed Prometheus, which was verified to be 4,950 years old in 1964 when it was unfortunately cut down.

The park is located near the small town of Baker, Nevada, just off of US Highway 50 & US Highway 6 near the Nevada-Utah border.

Official park website: http://www.nps.gov/grba/
Other references: http://www.sonic.net/bristlecone/Martyr.html

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