Graz is the capital of the Austrian province Styria. It is located in the south-west of the country, about 200 km away from Vienna.

Location: 47°05' north, 15°27' east
Area: 127,6 km2, 15,3 of witch actually built on
Height: About 360 m above sea level
Population: 226,000 inhabitants

Graz was first mentioned in written form in 1128 as "gradec" (small fortress). It was the residence of some Austrian emperors, such as Friedrich III, and still is the second largest Austrian city.

The place has a booming cultural life, with a lot of places to go to, such as the newly build Grazer Congress, the diagonale film festival, or the Steirischer Herbst. The historical part of Graz is one of the best preserved in Europe and was awarded World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1999. In 2003 Graz will be European Cultural Capital.

Recommended sights: Schlossberg, Uhrturm and the various pubs and in-places the city offers.

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