A metaname created by the press for austrian popmusic from the 70's and 80's.

After rock'n'roll had hit Austria, and especially vienna in the late sixties, young austrian artists came up with a very original style, including german lyrics (mostly in viennese dialect), and rather soft melodies and tunes. Inspired through the student movement of the 60's the lyrics were often cynical and critizising society.

Representative artists for this style of music are Wolfgang Ambros, Reinhard Fendrich and Georg Danzer, who, after being solo very succesful, formed Austria 3 end of nineties.

Other artists include Arik Brauer, the infamous trio STS, Peter Cornelius and an evergrowing hoard of coverbands, while young austrian musicians moved on to alternative rock and electronical music, mostly.

Listening Tipps:

  • Georg Danzer - War das etwa Haschisch
  • STS - Großvater
  • Reinhard Fendrich - I am from Austria

All of them should be available on the Kazaa Network

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