A website created and maintained by Trystan L. Bass and subsequent movement in the Gothic/Goth subculture addressing the hypothetical question "What if Martha Stewart was Goth?". Often referred to in the usenet newsgroup alt.gothic.fashion, of which the creator is a regular contributor.

The aim of the site is to give inspiration, ideas and instructions for projects to make homes beautiful in a Gothic sense. It's designed to be a guide to show those who may not be so creative how all the typical things you might find around the home of a Goth; dried blood-red roses, vintage lace, satin ribbons, and so on, can be used to decorate or create items that would be otherwise expensive to buy in specialist Goth boutiques.

Considered to be the Home and garden of the discerning Creature of the Night, the popularity of Gothic Martha Stewart owes to the fact that most Goths brim with creativity and have very little cash to spend on home decor, preferring to spend lots of money on exotic alcoholic beverages such as absinthe and clothes made from slightly less mainstream fabrics like velvet, leather, lace and PVC, which are somewhat more expensive than say, cotton Fruit of the loom t-shirts.

It is this interest and popularity which extended the Gothic Martha Stewart idea into weddings, offering ideas, examples, tips and resources for those looking to get married in a dramatic way, totally opposite to the traditional white wedding.

Gothic Martha Stewart: DIY home decor for the morbidly inclined is available from: http://www.toreadors.com/martha/

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