Gorgo is the title giant monster in a 1961 British effort at filming kaiju. In the storyline, a dinosaur-like creature about three times the size of an adult human is found and imprisoned as a zoo attraction. Its terrified cries summon a similar creature several hundred feet in size, who proceed to dismiss British defense efforts and rescue the imprisoned giant monster, its child. Excellent film.

A green bar of candy with the consistency of a really tough taffy, flecked throughout with black sugary bits. The bar was about 5" x 2" x .25". Gorgo was available for a short time in 1980s but hasn't been seen since (at least not in the Toronto area). It was one of those tooth-loosening candies, like Mackintosh's Toffee; bite into it too hard and you'd be leaving some teeth behind. Man, did I love Gorgo.

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