Reptilicus was a Godzilla kaiju knockoff from...the fine folks from Denmark? Yup, the capital of European monster movies for exactly one movie. 

Originally filmed in 1961 and released in Denmark, it went through lots of rework and lawsuits until it made the trip over to America with an English version worthy of the best that Mystery Science Theater 3000 could throw at it.

The movie is about scientists that find a chunk of tail in the ice. In this case, it's a lizard tail, so get your mind out of the gutter. Unless you go for that kind of stuff or are yourself a Lizard Person and taking control of the planet. Anyway, it starts to thaw and regenerate and suddenly there's a kaiju beating up Copenhagen. In the end it is put to sleep with a sedative, but one of its feet was blown off by the military and is submerged and wiggling as the ending credits roll.

Worth a good laugh, and a staple on Creature Features when I was a kid.

Iron Noder 2017

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