15th president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Served for 14 years in the First Presidency of the church, and 20 years in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Served a mission to England, completed in 1935.

Born June 23, 1910 in Salt Lake City,Utah to Bryant S. and Ada Bitner Hinckley. Known as a truly gifted speaker, continues to be very active in the directing of the church, even in his nineties.

Some of Hinckley's prophetic accomplishments have been:

Protecting the youth of the church against the evils of having more piercings than God desires: one set of earrings for girls and none for boys.

Admonishing Mormons to ignore their doubts about the church and focus instead on reminding themselves that the church is true despite what anyone says to the contrary.

Never making an official pronouncement of doctrine on difficult matters such as Brigham Young's Adam/God theory and statements about the necessity of polygamy.

Being fooled by Mark Hofmann's forgeries of ancient documents.

Assuring Larry King and others that Mormons don't believe men can become Gods, when all past prophets since the 1830s have believed and taught this.


Informing King and others that Mormons have no longer have anything to do with polygamy, when it is in fact still believed by most (and there has never been an official pronouncement to the contrary) that it is to be practiced in heaven.


Gordon B. Hinckley is a PR man

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