The latest installment of the Outlook Virus of the Month club, W32/Goner@MM bears an uncanny resemblance to SirCam:
Subject: Hi 
How are you ? 
When I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought about you I
am in a harry(sic), I promise you will love it!

Attachment: GONE.SCR
Should you be so unlucky as to install and run the screen saver, you'll get some 31337 greetz:
coded by: suid
tested by: ThE_SKuLL and |satan|
greetings to: TraceWar,k9-unit,stef16,^Reno.
greetings also to nonick2 out there 
wherever you are.
and some fake DirectX error message.
  • The initial payload of this virus specifically targets anti-virus scanners and personal firewall software, by killing the running application, then deleting their files.
  • It tries to IM itself via ICQ and mail itself via Outlook to spread.
  • Finally, it modifies the mIRC .ini files to install a DDoS zombie.
Why this virus is really, really bad:
Because it effectively blows away antivirus and firewall protections, it leaves the system open to further trojan or virus, and the user doesn't realize that he's left unprotected.
(definition) by Stavr0 1913 (print)

goner \'gon-*r\ n: one whose outlook is hopeless.

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