God in the Dock: Essays on Theology and Ethics
by C. S. Lewis, edited by Walter Hooper.

A collection of essays on, you guessed it, Theology and Ethics by one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century, C. S. Lewis. Wide range of topics, sometimes completely over my head (because the essay was originaly written for a specific audience, to whom it would be appropriate), but most of the time Lewis's ability to make intellectual things plain shines through. Many of the essays are on subjects that have recently become very controvesial (Evil and God, Religion and Science, Religion Without Dogma?, Priestesses in the Church?, Bulverism, The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment, Xmas and Christmas). 340 pages, published by WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.


Preface by Walter Hooper
Part I
  1) Evil and God
  2) Miracles
  3) Dogma and the Universe
  4) Answers to Questions on Christianity
  5) Myth Became Fact
  6) 'Horrid Red Things'
  7) Religion and Science
  8) The Laws of Nature
  9) The Grand Miracle
10) Christian Apologetics
11) Work and Prayer
12) Man or Rabbit?
13) On the Transmission of Christianity
14) 'Miserable Offenders'
15) The Founding of the Oxford Socratic Club
16) Religion without Dogma?
17) Some Throughts
18) 'The Trouble with "X"...'
19) What Are We to Make of Jesus Christ?
20) The Pains of Animals
21) Is Theism Important?
22) Rejoinder to Dr Pittenger
23) Must Our Image of God Go?
Part II
  1) Dangers of National Repentance
  2) Two Ways with the Self
  3) Meditation on the Third Commandment
  4) On the Reading of Old Books
  5) Two Lectures
  6) Meditation in a Toolshed
  7) Scraps
  8) The Decline of Religion
  9) Vivisection
10) Modern Translations of the Bible
11) Priestesses in the Church?
12) God in the Dock
13) Behind the Scenes
14) Revival or Decay?
15) Before We Can Communicate
16) Cross-Examination
Part III
  1) 'Bulverism'
  2) First and Second Things
  3) The Sermon and the Lunch
  4) The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment
  5) Xmas and Christmas
  6) What Christmas Means to Me
  7) Delinquients in the Snow
  8) Is Progress Possible?
  9) We Have No 'Right to Happiness'
Part IV
  1) Letters

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