Come sit by the campfire, my theistic friends,
Come Hindus, and Muslims, and good Christians,
Let us sing, and relax, let us have some good fun,
Let me tell you a story of what is to come.
I shall tell you of plots lying under your nose,
For the end of your faiths, a conspiracy grows.
The mightiest men are all in on the plan,
From Torvalds to Turner to Al Jourgensen.

Invading positions that give us great clout,
We shall cast your most cherished beliefs into doubt.
Our man Reverend Falwell puts faith in disgrace,
And the robotic Pope is already in place!
Posing as clergy, our agents defile
The long-standing lies of the theist lifestyle
As church-goers find that the sermons grow stale,
Theocracies topple and logic prevails!

Heaven and Hell -- these are concepts so trite.
They shall be forgotten when the time is right.
Banished from language--old terms such as these.
The new lexicon will be Atheistese!
Deep underground will the faithful now flee,
To pray for a time to again worship free.
The Age of the Wise will endure on and on
'Till the Big Crunch and a new universal dawn

laff. This writeup was begun in my scratch pad months ago as a nodeshell rescue, but since then, somebody nuked the node! Oh well, I re-created it.

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