A song by Chumbawamba from their album Anarchy. The title refers to Bob Dylan. Dylan was at one point in an interview told that people were referring to him as an anarchist. He replied gruffly, "Albert, give the anarchist a cigarette", essentially shrugging off the idea with a sarcastic joke. To anyone knowing the tremendous social influence and power that Dylan's early songs had, this comment is incredibly cynical, and displays a fundamental shift in Dylan's politics and outlook for his own role in society.

Albert is Dylan's manager, Albert Grossman, who also managed Ritchie Havens and Peter, Paul and Mary. Grossman died while on the Concorde from New York to London, which may be the source of the line in the song about "burning up the air in his personal jet", although that's just wild conjecture on my part.

The song is all about Dylan the spoiled brat, the poser pop star, and pop stars in general who for the most part are very very far from anarchy (and get further and further from it as they get more rich and famous), despite what the hype says. Chumbawamba of course have a long history of criticizing stardom and pop music (a line from their first album: "I am not a popstar, I'm a part of the class war!), even after their music shifted from punky to dancey and even after they reached super-mega-fame with their hit, Tubthumping. The fact that they remain very politically involved seems to show that they continue to be an exception to the usual pop star sell-out paradigm.

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