...and they'll hang themselves.

An old saying commenting on the propensity of a person or persons to do detriment to themselves if given the option. The idea is that the only reason they haven't hurt themselves is that they lack the facilities to do so, but if you gave it to them, they'd manage it. Like giving a Lemming a cliff or a toddler a butter knife and an uncovered electrical outlet.

Often used seriously, but more and more has become a humorous admonition regardling the virtues of foresight. It has also been twisted in a number of ways: "give a rope enough fat people and it'll break itself" and (my favorite) "XXX gives you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot", attesting to either flexability or folly of a given thing.

Second album by the Clash released in 1978 in the UK where it got to number 2 in the charts, it was not released in the USA until 1979. It is a progression from the punk sound of their eponymous debut, with producer Sandy Pearlman the songs are slower and the sound less raw. This was the album that saw Topper Headon replace Terry Chimes on drums. The title is an obvious play on the bands desire to broaden their musical horizon, however the songs remain around the three minute mark.

I wouldn't say that this is the Clash's finest album; check out London Calling for that, and their debut possesses a greater zest and makes a bigger impact than this. However Tommy Gun and Safe European Home are up their with the best Clash songs. Track listing follows:

  1. Safe European Home
  2. English Civil War
  3. Tommy Gun
  4. Julie's been working for the Drug Squad
  5. Last Gang in Town
  6. Guns on the Roof
  7. Drug-Stabbing Time
  8. Stay Free
  9. Cheapskates
  10. All the Young Punks (New Boots and Contracts)

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