Gill Marshall-Andrews is the head of the Gun Control Network in the UK and has been behind much of the legislation currently restricting the licensed and legal ownership of firearms in the UK from 1996 onwards.

I should preface this w/u with a brief note on the English language.

A long time ago, when English was still in beta, its developers sat around their rolls of parchment discussing the need for a new word.  The needed to be able to describe a certain type of women who would not be able to use any form of logic or reason, yet would hysterically and furiously go about the world trying to ruin things for honest and innocent people.  After much deliberation, they were able to settle on the word they had been looking for.  The bitch.

Little did they know that one day, many years after their work was done, would a specimen so perfect in the embodiment of their definition roam the land of Britain. Her hatred for logic and free speech that opposed her own opinions so intense that she would froth and foam at the mouth at the slightest inkling that she would be opposed or encounter resistance to her wishes.

This woman would be known as Gill Marshall-Andrews, bitch supreme.

GMA has campaigned since the Dunblane Tragedy in 1996 for the heaviest restrictions and controls possible to be put on legal gun ownership, using the most illogical and flawed arguments, erroneous and deceptive figures and unforgivable question dodging when she realizes that she is in danger of being exposed as the fool she is.

So far is she willing to take her views that she wishes to see the age at which you can enlist in the British Army raised to 18 to prevent 16 and 17 year olds from handling firearms.  

Instead of considering the possibility that children trained to responsibly and safely handle and understand firearms from an early age will grow up with a knowledge of the dangers of firearms and how to take care around them, she would rather forbid such training and make shooting sports a taboo.  She has even expressed a desire at government meetings to use gun control to cause shooting sports to 'wither on the branch' and eventually cease to exist.

One example that shows GMA's dedication to denying the right of free speech to those who do not share her views on gun-control was seen at a meeting held by 'Mothers Against Illegal Guns' in Nottingham.  Mike Yardley, a firearms expert, had been invited by the organization to speak about how both law-abiding and licensed shooters and gun-control campaigners both shared the common goal of removing the use of firearms in crimes.

However, as soon as he took the stage to make his speech, it became known that GMA was in the audience.  Her presence was revealed by her cries of "He's a gunman, he's a gunman!"  She and a small group of other women present were able to produce such a volume of noise that Mr Yardley was unable to proceed with his speech.  He was then shoved around the stage by women who were ironically wielding anti-violence placards and eventually forced off stage.

Incidentally, when Mr Yardley attempted to give his speech again later in the meeting, he was once again heckled by GMA and this time was assaulted by a large man and was subsequently escorted from the building by police.  That's right, the victim was removed from the building.  Ah, British justice, there's nothing quite like it.

If you want to see more of GMA's blunders, question dodging and inability to answer questions in an honest and straight manner, go to:

Here you will be able to enjoy the minutes of a government meeting between the GCN and other members on a committee discussing firearms law.  The GCN continually dodge questions, even about their membership numbers, which turn out to be less than seven.  They stumble through the questions of more intelligent and better educated men, who are acting through rational and logical thought.

One would have thought that the evidence of their incompetence would be enough to discredit them entirely, but such is the fear surrounding guns, which has been largely inflamed by tabloid newspapers, that they are given both the government's ear and their own way with the law.

It seems that on the most emotional and delicate issues, foolish busybodies such as GMA are given complete power over other aspects that contribute to reasonable and sensible legislation, such as rational and logical argument and actual evidence.  GMA seems not to have realized that the handgun ban that she is responsible for has had no impact on gun crime.  The fact that after her ban, handguns have been used in more crimes than ever before and have never fallen below their pre-ban level.

She also fails to grasp the concept that legislation is useless against the criminals who commit gun crimes, since such criminals have such a blasted tendency not to follow the law.

Never mind, I'm sure that if she keeps banning things, one day she might get around to banning hands and mouths, the most dangerous of all weapons, and then we won't have to worry about her anymore.  That is, of course, assuming that we haven't been killed by all the handguns that are supposedly banned from the UK.

"Hey, you can't shoot me with that, it's banned!"


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