Stage name of Brad Stewart, second bass player for the band Marilyn Manson. Name was taken from TV surfer girl "Gidget", and serial killer Ed Gein. Co-wrote many songs on the early demo tapes, and many that appeared on the CD "Portrait of an American Family".

(update 12/27/03)
Gidget Gein is featured in Marilyn Manson's new video for (s)AINT, the third single off the album entitled "The Golden Age of The Grotesque".

Various points of business included Gein's art being featured in the new Marilyn Manson video sAINT. Keep an Eye out for said video where you can seen GEIN's sculpture "In Case of Emergency Break Heart" The video was directed by the very talented Asia Argento who now owns the sculpture featured in the video. Also in the video is an unrecognizable GEIN who plays a degenerate girl next door/MILF who helps Manson "down the spiral".

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