"i've never heard anyone play so many instruments on the cello!"

gideon freudmann is an accomplished musician/songwriter who specializes in playing the cello within an inch of its life (figuratively, of course). He was trained in classical music, and received a bachelor of fine arts in cello performance from the university of connecticut.

since then, he's been experimenting with different sounds, making plenty of far-out, witty albums, and bringing his unique style to venues across the country. he's performed at the new directions cello festival in new york, as well as many colleges and universities (i first saw him at the simon's rock college annual mayfest celebration in 1997). he also does artist-in-residence programs at colleges including the university of connecticut, james madison university, and the ithaca violincello institute. and he maintains a newsletter full of ramblings and tour dates, which he emails each month to his fans.

gideon appeared as a guest musician on many albums, including two of dar williams' cds: the honesty room and mortal city.

he has been described as a "cross-genre" cellist, and is usually lumped in the folk/bluegrass/world music category by cd distributors. oh, but he's so much more! gideon freudmann invented cellobop, which he describes as "the passion of a Mozart aria or the fury of a Bartok quartet layered with an R&B sensibility." really this amounts to making some very odd, diverse sounds come out of a single instrument, the electric cello. with various playing styles and techniques, as well as funky sound effects, pickups and amps, gideon can make his cello sound like just about anything.

his non-classical influences include the kronos quartet, turtle island string quartet, penguin cafe orchestra, guitarist leo kottke, and many jazz and blues legends.

his music is hard to describe in words. to get a better feel for it, you should check out some of his albums:

give gideon freudmann your money. he's wonderfully squishy.

thanks, www.cellobop.com

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