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Ghôls are a race of ugly humanoids. They resemble apes in shape, size, and manner of movement (that is, they do things principally standing on their legs, but walk and run on all fours). They have gray or brown skin. Their principal armament is a large sickle-like cleaver, which they sometimes throw at a decent accuracy, and they can also use all sorts of other weaponry found lying around from the battlefield (even when they are not particularly known for their intelligence). They don't wear any clothing, but often have shoulder bags full of random junk (most often enemies cut to small pieces). Due to their speed, the Ghôl are pretty good for fast attacks, and are also effective against archers.

Ghôls are mostly a race of predators: They kill whatever they can and eat that (and since they can eat everything, why not?). Before Balor's rise, they lived from day to day pillaging. Afterwards, they joined Balor's conquest, primarily to take back their capital, the twin city of Stoneheim, previously (rightfully enough) controlled by the dwarves. The ghôls and dwarves have hated each other since the beginning. After the wars, Dwarves again controlled one half of Stoneheim.

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