Geras, called Senectus by the Romans, is the son of Nyx, goddess of the night, born with Apate and Philotes. As the personification of old age, Geras was always depicted as a shrivelled old man.

"Malignant Geras" -Theogony 225

"But when loathsome old age (Geras) pressed full upon him, and he could not move nor lift his limbs" -Homeric Hymn V To Aphrodite 218

"Harsh old age (Geras) will soon enshroud you - ruthless age which stands someday at the side of every man, deadly, wearying, dreaded even by the gods" -Homeric Hymn V To Aphrodite 243-245

Geras' siblings are: Cer, Thanatos, Hypnos, Oneiros, Moros, Nemesis, Oizys, Momus, Philotes, Apate, Eris, as well as the three Fates: Clotho, Laechisis, Atropos.

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