Pink, camp hippo puppet as seen on classic British kid's show Rainbow. With his pink fuzz, large eyelashes and effeminate voice (and mannerisms), many people thought he was either gay or a she.

Saying things like, "Ooh, you ARE naughty!", George would mince along with Bungle and Zippy, singing songs and becoming cultural icons which, like Bagpuss, have come surging back to the surface of pop culture in recent years.

My gf loves George, saying, "George was cool, Bungle was boring and Zippy was evil!"

However, he's not gay. Of course not. In the same way that Jeremy Spake, Julian Clary, Michael Barrymore, and Dale Winton aren't.

Quite whether George was intended to, like Bert and Ernie, help children accept homosexuals has never been revealed, but a new show touring university unions has been exploring this hitherto hidden side of the show's personal politics. Apparently the characters have sex, just the thing you want to see happening to cherished childhood memories.

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