For a spirit bound to a place to be known in part, the observers must first parse path from place. In some cases this may only be done by circumscribing the place in question with a question. In other cases an excess may be in order in order for the imagination to know how to know how the genius loci works.

In time the distinctions between the elephantine, the wicked and the absent fade under the auspices of the genius loci bound by time.

The husk replaces the mask which places everything upon the sacred shelf. By displacing and silencing any and all accidents, the essence of a place may begin to be known.




Confide in the confines of a space and you are never alone.




Thrice upon a time a genius loci would echo the question of the problem of evil in accordance to the quester's proximity to the star, the tower or the sauce. Knowing to laugh or scream or cheer in response makes chance a choice to change that which permeates beyond the confines of time.

Whatever the lament was, dread has a chamber for you and your fall and all your failings and fears and regrets and whatevers. Even though reservations are no longer available you are free to reenter as you please. Call back if you dare to step back in time.

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