And although the Lord beamed delightedly at the most recent outcome of his experiments with natural fabric, he could not fail to notice that something had gone drastically wrong. A worried expression started to replace the paternalistic smile like clouds rolling in for a summer storm.

The storm broke.

The child stamped on his creation angrily in an attempt to destroy it completely. A couple of the little models, however, escaped unnoticed, thanking childhood tantrums for their blinding effects on budding omniscients.

After a short while the Lord, bored of piling the remnants of his crushed models into a re-useable pile of fabric, decided to make more geometrically pleasing figures. He pondered aesthetics for a short while but decided that he could easily combine that with geometry if he ever happened to be that way inclined. He rolled his hands in a horizontal, circular motion around the blob of fabric, repeating this experimentally in different planes.

A figure was emerging.

He watched with interest, feeling completely detached from the outcome as if his hands were behaving of their own accord. The first globe eased its way into existence.

A few years earlier, when creating a physical entity for himself in yet another attempt to occupy time, that he had created as a definitive cure for eternity, he had not come up with any geometrically perfect shapes because he had only come up with geometry several months later.

He gazed wistfully at the globe in his hands, wishing he had included this shape somwhere in his physical entity, but he was used to his shape now and habit is paradoxically hard to cure for the omnipotent. He decided, and children are particularly stubborn, being created very much like himself aeons later in a fit of narcissism, that the globe would be given importance in whatever time-consuming diversion he came up with next. He toyed with the globe, pushing here and pulling there, and decided that dimensions would be a good idea, complementing his other brainchild, geometry.

Enthusiastic about his recent spree of creativity, he pottered about in a frenzy of random creation that he normally only resorted to in fits of rage and by the time he was tired he had created an entire solar system along the globe theme, an orange, flexible tube, and a sandwich toaster.

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