This is in reference to the part of my persona that is geek-like. Not all people fit into one specific group such as geeks, nerds, jocks, cheerleaders, goths, etc. I feel I am one of those people who sort of floats between groups. I was semi-popular in high school because I played sports. I was on the wrestling team, the football team, and other such jock-like activities. Therefore, people from those groups accepted me as one of their own and thus I came into the world of popularity. Actually, dragged into the world of popularity kicking and screaming would probably be more appropriate.

Even though I was a part of this popular non-sense I had what I call my Geek Streak. I have used computers since I was old enough to press the keys on the keyboard. I was in the gifted program (which doesn't really mean much where I went to school) and I had very good grades. I also love sci-fi (especially Star Wars), comic books, and all of the other things associated with being a geek. Hell, I still watch cartoons instead of the news and I am a twenty year old in Business School, go figure. Anyway, because of these parts of my persona I was accepted into the geek community. I feel like everyone has a little bit of most groups inside of them and they should feel free to express that part of themselves.

Don't label your whole personality, just recognize the unique parts that make up You. I even took a frat guy who thought I was a damned idiot for watching cartoons and turned him into a Dragonball fanatic. The point of this is there are people out there who like to label, and trust me I have been called everything from Frat Boy to Trekkie (I don't even like Star Trek that much, not a bad show just not my favorite), and those people will always be there. The key is to say "F-You, I'll like whatever the hell I want you communist boil infested pile of monkey spunk". Or something to that effect. Sorry this turned from a definition into a rant but hopefully it is inspirational and positive. I just think people should embrace all that they are and not let society catergorize them like jars of jelly. Don't shun society, but don't let it run your life either. I'll step down off of my soapbox now. Thank you, and good luck finding the true You!

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