Extremely popular with college frats, or any other folks under the age of 30 who have too high of a testosterone/brain cell ratio. People who are just bored and really want to get nekkid in public also enjoy this activity. A streaker's intent can be varied. The streaker's goal may be to frighten, to amuse, or even to arouse. In general, streakers run really hella fast and hope that it's enough to elude capture. Social mores making us not really eager to grab at the nude flesh of a complete stranger also help out.

Streaking has a long and rich history. The biggest innovation in streaking in recent years has been the invention of the television. Today's frequently live newscasts give streakers even more challenges. Example: boobies on the Today show. Live remote coverage is often used by local news programs. The skilled streaker can rip off all his clothes and run in front of the camera. However, the streaker should be careful to cover his face or any distinguishing marks. They should also keep running until out of range of the show's goons. Streaking is also quite popular at sporting events and entertainment award shows. Who could forget the Oscar streaker, or the legendary Soy bomb? Streaking still continues to this day, forever engrained in humanity's history.

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