Gaspar Corterreal was a Portuguese sea captain and navigator who sailed to the North American continent in 1500 with several ships. He named Labrador and explored the coast of Newfoundland as well.

Cortereal returned to Portugal with over 50 Native American captives; he sold them as slaves. On his second voyage in 1501, Gaspar's ship was lost, but other ships on the expedition returned safely. His younger brother, Miguel Corterreal, set out to find him, but never returned to Portugal.

Dighton Rock in Massachusetts supposedly has inscribed on it the words "Miguel Cortereal by will of God, here Chief of the Indians", the date 1511, and a shield with a cross.

The voyages of the Corterreal brothers were used by Portugal to dispute England's right to North America- which was based on John Cabot and Sebastian Cabot's voyages in 1497.

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