An Internet radio station (located, appropriately enough, at that specializes in video game music. It operates using a user-selected playlist: anyone can go to the website and request a song or two to be added to the end of the playlist, and the station just plays through the list. At peak hours, the playlist can be hours long. If, somehow, the playlist reaches its end, the site will pick songs at random. The stream itself is an MP3 stream, which means it should work with pretty much whatever media application you choose to use.

There are, in fact, four stations on the one site. The first plays any and all tracks from the station's library. The other three play songs from subsets of this library: "classic" console games, modern console games, and PC games. PC games are somewhat under-represented, but the station does have many of the more important games, and they are busily adding more.

The library is pretty sizable, offering many of the most well-known soundtracks (most of the Squaresoft games, The Legend of Zelda, Metal Gear Solid, Total Annihilation, and many others) and a few of the more obscure ones (Ecco the Dolphin, ICO). Of course, there are a few tracks that are unspeakably annoying, which a few people seem to take delight in adding to the playlist. Just to name a few: Birthday Cake from Jet Set Radio Future, Simple and Clean from Kingdom Hearts, and (depending on your point of view on the matter) an arrangement of Zero Wing's infamous introduction sequence. It also has a good number of arranged versions of songs; I recommend any of the arranged versions of songs from Mega Man 2, and many of the arranged versions of Squaresoft tracks.

For the most part, however, you can tune in to the station and enjoy some decent music. Of course, video game music isn't everyone's cup of tea, though I think any given person will find at least one thing they like. So just tune in today!

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