The GB Xchanger is a very popular console backup unit from a company called Bung, located in Hong Kong. It's intended use is to burn games into its EEPROM so that the Nintendo Game Boy (or Game Boy Color) can play them. However, one of the best side-effects of this tool of piracy is that it allows you to program for said console. In fact, the software that has been created to hack away at the GameBoy is quite good, with a whole suite of disassemblers and debuggers.

The unit is in no way affiliated with Nintendo of America, (or Nintendo of any other company). In fact, Nintendo sued Bung to keep such units out of the United States. They are VERY difficult to get a hold of, but if you are a programming fanatic, then you will definately want to get one of these (through an importer) and try your hand at the Gameboy.

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